A network of interconnected games, with player driven real economies, sharing a single cryptocurrency. Play, work, and earn, redefined.

Player Driven

Actions matter more than words. In our tokenomics, rewards make up almost the entire token supply across all the games.

Digital Ownership

You fully own what you build or buy inside the games. Ships, equipment, stations, even property rights, they are all minted NFTs directly available in your Web3 wallet.


Exploration within the game will push the boundaries of the known Galaxy. Scaling to millions of players and hundreds of thousands of Solar Systems is no sweat for the Solana blockchain.


We fully embrace the future of gaming. Blockchain allows us to concentrate on the things that are trully important, awesome gameplay with the best quality.


Development of the games is shaped by our community. We listen and engage in each step of the way. We are players ourselves, so we get it.

Interconnected Galaxy of Games

Jump into a shared metaverse, all our games happen in the same place, the Velorum Galaxy.



Our first game, setting up the basis of the economy of the entire Galaxy. Thousands of Solar Systems to explore, find and mine valuable resources, manufacture equipment and ships that anybody else can buy. Read the Whitepaper

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The second game in the series, find an undiscovered planet with abundant resources, terraform it, develop real estate on it, profit! Easier said than done, good planets ain't common, you will have to defend your claims.




The third game in the series, strategic sovereignity and control over Planets, Solar Systems, Sectors, and even the entire Galaxy. When you are the boss in town, you set the rules, and collect all taxes. Factions will compete to control their turf, and all the resources in it, war is inevitable.


Separate Marketplaces,
Shared Assets

Each game with its own marketplace, keeping things straightforward. Build the coolest ship in Singularity, put it up for sale in the market, and it will also be available automatically in Dominion so their players can buy it from you. Hundreds of different assets will be cross tradeable, furthermore, some things you might need in one of the games, might only be found in the others.

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